Friday, 12 December 2008

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   In my last post, I started commenting on my recent interview on William Tincup's Human Capital Vendor Space

As I explain to William in the interview, one of the things I want to focus on during the early part of next year is the human capital community ning I set up last year, after a conversation with him, but haven't had the time, or the inspiration to do much with as yet.

I want to start using this community platform to start pulling together, discussing and validating some of my ideas I've been blogging about over the last 18 months, and use this conversation as a basis for documenting what we together think lies at the heart of this approach.  Perhaps a manifesto for HCM?

I would just say though that I think we will need to share some core beliefs to support this document / manifesto, or we won't be able to agree on anything.  For me the key idea at the centre of HCM is that it's about managing people for the accumulation of human capital - and that this becomes the central business goal (business impacts are then the output from human capital, rather than starting point of business strategy itself).

And if human capital is the central business goal, people really are the key to effective business performance, and they need to be treated as such, ie with due care, investment and respect.

It's why I strongly disagree with another of William's posts, calling for an anti-humanity manifesto for HR.  In my view, such a manifesto has got to put humanity at its very heart.

Whether you agree with this or not, I'd really appreciate your participation in this community.  There are already a couple of members who I don't think are going to agree with a lot of this.  Which should of course lead to some rich discussions.  And I'm sure the community will continue to discuss other issues unrelated to the document / manifesto as well.

And from next week, I'm going to become a lot more active on the community too.

You can sign up here.


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  1. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for showing my pic on your blog. Great honor because your blog rocks!. The guy on the first row - first column on the image you choose is me. Hopes you keep image for ever on this post!

    Blogger @ Talent Junctions

  2. Good idea Jon. And I think this needs to be done at a national level too much has been done in the States.

    What human capital formations do we have already? Which are emerging? What work do people want to do? How can we come together to compete with that work on the international stage? What is the future for our children? I think this is an umbrella that would bring together a diverse group of people who nevertheless have the same deep concern. And you would be a good person to chair the debate.

    You might like to look at the positive psychology manifesto as an example of a professional group who were bold enough to state their intent and strategic plan!

    BTW Do you know Bay Jordan? He is a pretty energetic chap and a rare CA/HR combination!



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