Friday, 12 December 2008

This Blog: You, Me and HCM


     I've recently been interviewed on William Tincup's Human Capital Vendor Space about this blog.

After having responded, I've been thinking further about my responses.

I explain to William that the main reasons I continue to blog are the opportunity to discuss HCM this gives me, but also the internet footprint it provides.  So for example, search in Google for 'McKinsey War for Talent' - which quite a few people do - and one of my posts generally pops up on the front page.

I've not had a huge amount of work from my blog, but I've had some, and it's increasing.  As I say in my interview, blogging is a key part of my business strategy.

But I've been noticing that I've been feeling a bit ashamed of my response.  This isn't the way blogging is supposed to be, is it?  Most of the best blogs make a point of putting their readers first.  They're about providing knowledge, ideas and suggestions - for 'you'.

Some other blogs are about them (ie 'me') but I think this only works when the writer is a bigger names / ego etc than me.

So this blog is about 'it', which in this case is HCM.  I just think it's an important enough area, and one I'm clearly passionate about, that it justifies a blog of its own, even though this may mean my posts may be rather less personal than those from other blogs you may read.

But please don't feel that this focus on 'it', together with some commercial undertones, mean that I'm not interested in your readership and participation.  I wouldn't be blogging if I simply wanted to document my thinking, and I am sure there are many more productive ways I could use my time to grow my business.  I do need and value your comments, and they do help direct my thinking and therefore future posts.

So do please keep on reading and commenting, and if you've not done so, you may want to subscribe to my feed in your reader:


Oh, and do check out William's other interviews, and his interviewees' blogs as well.



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