Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Talking HR Show #012 (Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2009 and book review Of 'Succession')


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Show notes:

1:14 mins Publication of the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For 2009.
4:50 Jon: Adding new features to the show and new book reviews (through relationships with McGraw Hill).
7:40 Krishna: This book review: Marshall Goldsmith's Succession - Are you Ready? (Harvard Business Press Memo to the CEO series).
9:30 Krishna's busy month and new book: 42 Rules of Marketing in a Recession.
12:00 Jon's recent trip to Dubai and dramatic change in mood across Middle East; plus upcoming trip to US for Human Capital Institute summit.
16:10 Jon: highlights of the Sunday Times Best Small Companies in the UK (separate from Great Plans to Work Institute lists).
19:40 Krishna / Jon: numbers of organisations, amount of work involved in, and benefits of applying.
24:30 Jon: Comparing increased satisfaction and engagement scores to declining levels of trust (show #011).
29:00 Krishna: The top 10 small companies.
34:40 Jon: Role of HR practices in developing best companies.
36:30 Krishna: The opportunity to participate in this even during a recession.
38:30 Jon: Lame link to Succession book.
40:00 Krishna / Jon: value of the book.
46:30 Jon: Krishna: review of Succession book.
53:40 Krishna: Need for CEO's / others to have courage and listen to key stakeholders.
57:20 Krishna: Summary and end.


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