Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Talking HR Show #013 (More on Best Companies (with book review: Motivate like a CEO)


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Show notes:

01:50 mins Krishna: Happy St Patrick's Day, photo sharing on Flickr, Pixie etc.
05:40 Krishna / Jon: Recent news on woman sacked for updating on Facebook - impact on employer brand.
9:15 Jon: Introduction to HCI, review of HCI Summit, Gary Hamel presentation, HR 2.0.
14:00 Jon: Presentation from Tony Hseih, Zappos.
17:00 Krishna: Zappos experience - does outsourcing call centres align with wowing customers?
19:00 Jon: Need for a clear focus (Zappos: customer service, slightly weird culture).  Zappos' use of Twitter.
22:45 Jon: Key take-aways - need for ambition, innovation to create competitive advantage through people; supported by effective leadership.
24:10 Krishna / Jon: Etiquette in using social media / use of video at conferences - need to include a shout-out at beginning and end of video.
31:20 Krishna re innovation conference in Ireland
32:45 Krishna / Jon: New companies on the Sunday Times Best Companies list (need to continue engagement efforts through recession - also discussed in show #012, and an opportunity to maintain trust - discussed in show #011).  Best companies continuing to outperform other organisations through downturn.
36:30 Krishna: Top 10 companies.
38:30 Jon: Review of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For including Zappos case study.  Positive experiences in making redundancies.  Top 10 companies.
41:15 Krishna / Jon: Reporting on best companies and the recession by state.
42:10 Krishna / Jon: Best Companies still hiring, compelling case studies - including Nugget Market never having make a layoff.
45:10 Krishna: Key take-aways - role of inspiration, transparency and common-sense management in best companies / best workplaces.
46:30 Krishna / Jon: review of Suzanne Bates' book,  'Motivate like a CEO', inspiration vs motivation.
49:45 Krishna: Positive coverage of communication - chapter 9 on story telling, chapter 10 on presenting 'on stage'.
52:45 Jon: Positive coverage of the need for having a clear purpose (chapters 1-3), but criticism of GREAT acronym in chapter 5 - need to inspire through people's emotions.

Krishna: More positive ideas in chapters 15 & 16.

57:45 Wrap-up.


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