Friday, 17 July 2009

Recurring blog problems (Operation aborted)


    In early June, I noted that I was experiencing problems accessing my blog.  I later realised that this wasn’t just limited to my blog, but was something that many Google Blogger blogs are experiencing.  So I made the changes that Google have been suggesting (for example, removing my Friend Connect widget) and thought this had resolved the problem.

However, I met someone earlier in the week who was still experiencing problems and I’m struggling to understand what else I might be able to do.  (It should at least be a temporary problem as I’m sure Google will sort it soon!).

I’m hoping this is now a very limited problem, as no one else has been in touch to tell me about these problems, but I do want to do everything I can to resolve them and avoid you having them again.

So, I just want to repeat my earlier apologies if you have been experiencing problems.  And to ask for your help in resolving them – if you do get an error message that says ‘operation aborted’ when trying to open my blog, please, please let me know:

-   The page you were attempting to open

-   The operating system and internet browser you’re using (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc)

-   Whether this is something yo’ve experienced after reading this post or before.


You can either leave me a comment below (or if you can’t open this page to leave me a comment!), please email me at info [at] strategic [dash] hcm [dot] com.

Many thanks!


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    1. Hi Jon,
      it happened to me several times while attempting to link your posts about "The Differentiated Workforce" (the first post about the book and also "reasons not to implement.."). I use Internet Explorer.No issues from Google Reader.

    2. Uxio, thanks very much for letting me know, although I'm slightly depressed to have confirmation of the problem! (I don't want to put people off letting me know about it by saying this - I'd still much rather know than not know!).

      And thanks for linking to my Differentiated Workforce posts. I probably overdid 'my barrage of criticisms'. I think the more I agree with something, the more I tend to criticise it - as I enjoy getting into the detail of particular points to understand (for myself as much as anyone else) what I really do, and do not agree with.


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