Monday, 11 January 2010

Forecasts and predictions


   In today’s Talking HR show, Krishna and I are going to be talking about our thoughts on the last year, and our predictions, requirements, resolutions etc for this year.

I know one prediction I want to make, but thought I would check everyone else’s to inform my own thinking too.

Here are some of my favourite lists:

  • DDIs’ list of talent resolutions
    • Expand succession management to talent mobility (great post from Josh Bersin)
    • Quit sacrificing talent (build dual career tracks)
    • Ask more, tell less (I’d suggest we need to build autonomy, not just a perception of this!)
    • Manage your millenials (I’d say build targetted and personalised strategies)
    • Vaccinate for growth (they say growth won’t happen because we have great HR programmes – I say it will if we have great Human Capital!)
    • Walk the talk (great post from John Hollon)
    • Pull your head out of the sane
    • Repair the reputations of leadership (from Dan McCarthy)
    • Be the love (NO IDEA what this one is about)
    • Live the crisis mindset (I’d say yes, but we need to do more).


  • The Global Human Capital Journal’s predictions (despite it’s name, this has a much broader focus than HCM but I really like its review of opportunities re social media):
    • The economy will continue to be unpredictable
    • Company failures will continue to make headlines
    • Employment for executives will be stagnant
    • Marketing 2.0 will conquer numerous big brands
    • Social business will see mixed results
    • Companies will build social media teams in earnest
    • Changes in social networking platforms
    • Social tech will relentlessly drive rich experience into the cloud
    • More case studies for social business models and tactics (crowdsourcing, community companies, professional amateur collaboration, gaming and virtual worlds)
    • Consumer empowerment
    • Mobility and mobile social networking
    • Video will be increasingly mainstream.



  • Tammy Erickson’s predictions for the way we work
    • Two-job norm
    • Less "off hours" work
    • Competition for discretionary energy
    • More diverse arrangements
    • Transparent, "adult" arrangements — Tammy’s favourite change, and mine too:


      • “My favourite change is the growth in what I like to call "communities of adults" — a philosophy of recasting the employment relationship from one of paternalistic care to adult choice. A simple example is offering a menu of benefit options and letting employees choose those that work best. Further along the spectrum would include encouraging employees to "own" their own feedback process or even set their own compensation levels. These sorts of changes won't settle in this year, but they're coming. I expect we'll see more examples as the year progresses.”


Mmmm.  Still not yet sure what my top three are going to be though…



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