Monday, 18 January 2010

Want to work together?


   I’ve been thinking about Tammy Erickson’s suggestion (which we discussed on Talking HR) that two jobs will increasingly become the norm.

I had two jobs for a while myself – as early on in my current role as an independent consultant etc, I also worked part-time as a Director of Consulting for Buck / ACS.  And I think this worked OK most of the time.

So I’m wondering if it’s something I should look at again.

What I think I’d really like to do is to work – part-time - alongside a senior, strategic HR / people / organisation leader who really wants to make a difference to the contribution that his or her organisation’s people provide.

Why?  Partly because it would give me the opportunity to make more, or at least a longer-term, impact than most of my consulting projects allow.  And a bit more variety in the way that I work as well.  (So it’s just a change of role / focus I’m interested in, rather than how the work is done, ie I’m not too bothered by whether it would be performed as a consultant, interim or employee – but I emphasise it would be part-time (a 2 days per week or 1 to 2 weeks per month sort of thing, and ideally done on a flexible basis too).

Anyone interested?  The benefit?  Well, huge, I’d like to think, but it would difficult to be more specific until we discuss what the opportunities might be…  The cost?  Much lower than it would be for paying my consulting rates over several shorter periods.

Location: anywhere.  UK / Europe would make it easier to do, but somewhere else might be more fun – and we could still get together for discreet periods of a few days together, and for shorter periods over the web.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss.


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