Tuesday, 11 May 2010

HRevolution: What’s next?


   Most of this blog’s readers live in the US, but for the benefit of those readers in the UK (who perhaps don’t read all the US HR blogs, or the recruitment focused ones of Mervyn Dinnen and Bill Boorman in the UK), there was been a big event taking place in the US this weekend.

HRevolution (revolution or evolution?) was an unconference involving 130 HR bloggers and tweeters meeting up in Chicago this Saturday to discuss HR, social media, communications and leadership/development.

I didn’t go, partly because it was my daughter’s 8th birthday, and partly… well, I just can’t go to everything I’d like.  But reading the blogs and tweets from the event, it seems to have gone exceedingly well,  However, the main question participants are taking away with them is the same as last year’s: where now, what happens next?

I’d like to suggest two answers to this:

The first suggestion relates to a comment I made on one of Trish’s posts last year: one action will be to take this approach international.  And I like Lance Haun’s build on the ‘what next’ question:

“Will your behavior change at all or are the things that inspired you getting shelved until you have more time (which ends up being never)?”


Well, the change that I’m going to make is to get cracking on a UK / Europe focused HR unconference, linked to our existing tweet-ups, Connecting HR.

This is provisionally going to be a one-day un-event, including pre- and post- evening events, to be held in London sometime in September.  I’m already working on this with Gareth Jones (and Mervyn Dinen / others from the Courtenay HR team), but we’re keen to get more people involved.  So do get in touch if you want to join the organising committee, or you’ve got suggestions for location, session themes etc.


So, there you go: in a very real sense, Connecting HR will be the ‘what next’.  But I also hope this event will respond to ‘the question’ in a rather deeper way as well.  I’ll post on this, my second answer, in a couple of days time.


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