Monday, 28 June 2010

Connecting HR and ‘Community’


   We had another great ‘Connecting HR’ tweet-up last week.

One of the issues at the back of my mind during the evening revolved around the idea of community, and Gareth Jones’ email to attendees prior to the tweet-up that mentioned the ‘Connecting HR community’.

Now, personally, I’m not sure that this group of people is a community as yet, although there are, I think, signs of one developing.  And I’m not sure I’d use the C word at this stage as I don’t think you can make a group into a community simply by calling it one.

But I do see where Gareth is coming from, and agree that it would be great if Connecting HR does develop into a community, because I do think there is a need for more social connection and meaningful relationships between practitioners in HR and talent management, and across the different disciplines within this (resourcing, development, communication, legislation etc).

So my thoughts went back to the discussions on community at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston the week before this.  I have still to complete my postings from this conference, including those on community, but you can review my current status of postings at

But there was also this short conversation over Twitter that got me thinking about HR and community:



So, is community management the new HR?  And if it is, how many practitioners understand this?

We’re going to be talking about this issue on Talking HR at 7.30pm BST / 2.30pm ET today.  Do join us if you can.



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