Thursday, 10 June 2010

Stefano Sedda, Meridiana on HR 2.0


   I’ve been having a conversation with Stefano Sedda, HR and Organisation Director at Meridiana airline in Italy, who is also presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Milan today, about his views on HR 2.0:

Stefano is currently looking for a solution to implement that would provide a virtual office for everyone in the company, enabling them to connect with each other when-ever and where-ever they want.

This is a need that Stefano has seen previously in his career in the hotel and airline industry – people are often working outside of the physical office and at different times of day.

So for him, 2.0 is a solution for an existing problem – he needs a solution to connect people in work.  He’s thought about this for 10 years or more.

The system he’s after will provide information and training on organisational processes.  People will be able to find it all.  They will share knowledge and collaborate in an interactive way – not for team building but to do work.

It’s not enough to be able to get in touch with each other, they need to be able to work together as well.  To be able to reach an agreed view.

Stefano had worked previously with Lotus 123 and liked its group concept and workforce theory and thinks this needs to be put together with 2.0.  At the time this type of internet technology wasn’t available.  It now needs to be put in this new world as it’s important for people to be able to collaborate together working on organisational processes.


I also asked about how well understood HR 2.0 is in Italy:

Most HR practitioners don’t understand it.  They’re more focused on traditional ways of operating.

Most HR software is still focused on information.  It’s not enough.  Information is everywhere – we now need to be able to work with the information – not just get in touch with it.  Move it up to knowledge and wisdom.  People need to be able to use it to create unique solutions in the physical world, to achieve organisational goals.

There’s still a great need for more of this understanding.


I think Stefano’s got a well thought through perspective on this issue and hope his presentation and software selection process both go well.  My thanks to him for the time and opportunity to speak with him today.

I’ll be posting some more perspectives on HR 2.0 from the Enterprise 2.0 forum and the summit in Boston next week over the next few days.



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