Thursday 3 March 2011

The Big Rethink: Competing on Ideas


  I’ve been at the Economist’s Big Rethink today.  You can see my blog posts on the conference here:


However, I also thought it might be worth reflecting quickly on the event’s relevance for HR.

I went to the event because I’m so convinced a ‘big rethink’ is required in so many areas, including people management.  And because I think companies can and should compete on ideas (and it’s what I try and do in my personal consultancy as well).

But the event is really about rethinking relationships with customers and I don’t think there were any other HR people there (though I did see and chat to Jonathan Winter from Career Innovation).

Still a lot of what was said about customers applies to employees too.  So it’s a shame there weren’t more HR people there.  And it’s an even bigger shame there doesn’t seem to be an appetite within HR to generate – or even just learn about - new ideas in our own area that will also help our companies gain competitive advantage.

Or perhaps there is?  On 9th June, I’ll be attending Economist Conferences’ Talent Management Summit and it sounds as if speakers will be discussing plenty of innovations.  I’ll be blogging it all here.



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