Sunday 6 March 2011

My best hacks and stories at the MIX


  Actually, it’s not just that HCI / the MIX didn’t select my hack, that’s OK (everyone makes mistakes!).  It’s more that I don’t think the best of the rest have been selected either.

However, some of the stories (suggestions rather than ideas) that have been selected are very impressive.  Here are my favourites:


Definitely some good examples to join the ranks of other mavericks!

My favourite story of all though isn’t on this list, and is one describing celebrating failure at NixonMcInnes.  The entry refers to the company’s blog and a really interesting post describing their measurement of happiness through the use of a sophisticated analytical system which could otherwise be described as three buckets on the floor (see picture).

I also really like this post: What if a company is a community?:

“I like the idea of viewing ourselves as a community because that speaks so much more to our human-ness than the idea of a company or corporation. Community implies a group of people operating as individuals with individual needs and wants, but connected together through common interests. Company suggests a single entity into which individuals have been incorporated.”


This obviously relates to what I’ve been writing about in my recent posts on Social HR and I’ll be covering in my webinar in a week on Tuesday (3.00pm GMT on 15th March).


PS it’s interesting how many of the MIX / HCI’s stories come from companies outside the US and particularly from the UK!



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