Thursday 7 July 2011

HR Vision: Social media


  My interview with Siân Harrington of HR Magazine is now up at HR Vision:


Social media: business transformer or the latest business bubble?

In this month’s interview on social networking Jon Ingham, blogger and consultant, at Strategic HCM, talks to Siân Harrington.

Most businesses are using social media externally, but increasingly they are using it internally – and there is value in deploying it to help employees engage and collaborate, according to Ingham.

He says: “It is very early days, but there are starting to be some really valuable case studies which show improvements to efficiency and effectiveness of recruits [linked to social media].

“As soon as you put people into a social group and allow them to have conversations, it becomes much easier to learn and the learnings that staff develop through such a process are far more meaningful. But developing social media is about a culture change and if IT takes the lead in developing these tools, they are going to have less likelihood of success. And I don’t believe you can outsource the implementation of social media – it needs to be based on authentic conversations between organisations and employees.

“It takes time, but organisations are seeing the benefits and in any sector there are employers large and small taking advantage of social media.”


To view the video, go to and select ‘click here to watch this feature’ (or if my interview is not at the top, you can select Jon Ingham from ‘select a speaker’, or Social Media from ‘select a topic’):




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  1. Social media for employee engagement is key, but please don't let the HR manager or consultant write the policy on their own! See my latest post called > Don’t let your HR person write your social media strategy!


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