Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sexy Software


  I thought that was an amusing title from the new Changeboard magazine.  But HR software really is getting more ‘sexy’ too.

Part of this sexiness is the look and feel of HR systems which have been improving dramatically over the last five years.

Part of it is the information and analytics that can now be extracted from the those systems with integrated functionality.

And part of it is the amount of change that’s happening in this space.  In fact it’s actually felt quite strange that there have been no major announcements about new systems and mergers of providers for a week or so now (although it’s quite possible that there have, and I’ve just not seen them!).  After all, here are some of the recent activities:

  • 26th June – BeKnown launch (followed by its clash with BranchOut)
  • 27th June - Peopleclick Authoria / PeopleFluent rebranding
  • 28th June – Google + launch
  • 29th June – SuccessFactors completes acquisition of Plateau
  • 1st July – Linkedin shuts off access to BeKnown and BranchOut
  • 7th July – SumTotal acquisition of Accero / Cyborg and CyberShift



All this change is one reason why I’m particularly pleased to be presenting at the two major technology conferences this year.


First up this October is Bill Kutik’s HR Technology conference in Las Vegas in October.  For further information on this, visit the site or download the brochure.

I’m sure there’ll be lots of other changes in the HR technology space by October, but I’m also aware how much happens, or is announced, during the conference too.  I’ll be doing my public service thing so you’ll be able to follow a lot of news from there right here.

And if you do decide to join me at the conference, use the Promotion Code STRATEGIC (all caps) when you register online to get $500 off the standard rate of $1,795. The discount expires on September 19.



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