Monday, 12 December 2011

Looking forward – Economist Talent Management Summit


   As well as Learning Technologies, the HR Directors Business Summit just before it, and the Enterprise 2.0 Summit shortly afterwards, there are a few other conferences I’ve already committed to attending / speaking / blogging at next year.

One of these is the Economist’s Talent Management Summit in June.  The focus of this year’s conference is going to be on the next generation of leadership, so as well as sessions on engagement and workforce planning, the event will focus on:


Differences in the next generation eg more female, and more mobile

The number of women in senior and top management roles is still shockingly small. What must be done to increase the female talent pool and get them into senior leadership positions?

  • How do businesses explain poor retention and promotion of women?
  • What can companies do to retain or increase women’s motivation to lead?
  • What strategies can help overcome invisible barriers?
  • How do you transform a corporate culture and management/employee mind-sets?

Sue Swanborough, Human Resources Director, UK and Ireland, General Mills

Future leadership teams will be composed of members of the “net generation”. How do you build, manage and retain leaders who are more mobile and eager to self-develop than any generation in the past?

  • What are their key values and motivators?
  • How should you align corporate strategy with different ways of working and career development?
  • What role can social media play in engaging them in the organisation?
  • What strategies do companies employ to win the loyalty of their high-potential talent?
A leading company will be quizzed about how they engage the net generation and help the brightest talent transition into the next executive team.


Business challenges for the next generation

Leadership quality is critical in times of change, whether moving from zero-growth to high-growth markets or managing a major organisational restructure.

  • What key characteristics does the modern leader need to succeed? In a period of upheaval, what behaviours instil trust?
  • What is that drives pattern observed in good leaders: a country’s culture or rather inherent characteristics of a complex organisation? What does this mean for selecting the right management teams for new, alien territories?
  • How do you define and find the intellectual leadership needed for serious organisational change?
  • What are the secrets of leading diverse or transforming organisations?

A panel of experts will discuss which leadership behaviours have the best chance to move the business forward in times of change and into new markets.


HR’s role supporting the next generation

  • Business-oriented HR: putting talent strategy at the heart of corporate strategy
  • How do you turn your top management into talent leaders?

In this discussion, senior management will be challenged on their views of the role of HR and talent professionals as business leaders and influencers.

Tanith Dodge, Director of Human Resources, Marks & Spencer
Doug Baillie, Chief HR Officer, Unilever


The 2011 Talent Management Summit was undoubtedly one of the best HR events last year, and I’m sure this one will be equally as good.

You can get discounted tickets up to the end of this / next month but I’ll also be looking for a couple of HR Directors who read this blog to come along as my guests – more details about this next month.



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