Thursday, 5 November 2015

HR: more Geeky and Feely

I provided the editorial for this month's edition of's Strategy and Planning Excellence which focuses on workforce planning and analytics.

You may be interested in having a read of this or of the other articles contained in the publication.

Remembering that this month marks a year since the Artof.HR conference in Croatia, I also took the opportunity to emphasise the need to complement HR science with an increased focus on artistry:

"To me, the shift is not art to science, or feely to geeky. It’s a move to science and art, geeky and feely. There will always be things which algorithms can’t transform and these areas are often the most valuable aspects of what we do. But there’s also no doubt that analytics are rapidly increasing the scope of HR they can inform, and that therefore geeky HR needs to take a more central role in most companies people management strategies, processes and operations."

It does, but I wish I'd see more in's and other publications on HR's role in relationship management and intuition.  Some of the authors would see this as more evidence of a supposed fear of analytics, but I think I"m starting to see more signs of a return to a more balanced view across the main part of HR.

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