Friday, 13 November 2015

Business Partnering and Workforce Technology

I posted a few week's back about Symposium's HR Business Partnering conference this week but wasn't intending to be participating in it this year.  However a slot came up and I stood in to talk about technology enabled business partnering.

It'a topic which was well suited for me as I speak, train, write and consult a lot about this area but I was also able to take some time to think through what I wanted to include in the session during the 7th Drucker Forum in Vienna which focused on Managing in the Digital Age which I attended virtually.

This was the result:

It's interesting to see the theme about job losses taken forward in Management Today today.  They've used a picture of Robocop who I didn't think about including, but as well as opening up with James Bond, I did close with a picture of Arnie, and finished the presentation with a quick "Hasta La Vista!"

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