Wednesday 19 September 2007

Building Global HR Competencies

Lisbeth Claus is from Willamette University and is co-author of International Human Resource Management.  Her focus is on operating in an uncertain world, and believes human capital is key to doing this.

I've been looking forward to this session because I do a lot of development work with client HR teams using Michigan's HR competencies (Ulrich and Brockbank, 2007) and am interested in different perspectives.

In fact, Lisbeth uses Michigagan's framework too but adds a few additional perspectives around it.

For example, I think she gives more focus to measurement, so she talked about Pliva, a pharmaceutical company is Croatia that I also know from my role in lecturing in HR management there.  They have an HR strategy map and scorecard and HR is measured against them every quarter.  The compensation of HR is linked to their quarterly results of how they support their business (well done, Silva).

I thought the most interesting part of Lisbeth's presentation was also someone else's: Andrew Savage's concept of an HR sustainability sweet spot, that I've not come across before.  This is an area of intersection between an interest in the business and an interest in employees. 

"The spot will be different in each of our organisations so each HR function needs to understand what it means for them."


  1. Thanks for your blog of my CIPD presentation. Just one correction. Andrew Savitz coined the term "sustainability sweetspot" but did not apply it to HR. He talked about it in terms of the broader CSR context. I applied it to HR to indicate the need for sustainable employee relations.

  2. Thanks Lisbeth, and good to meet you yesterday too.

    Keep in touch!


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