Monday, 10 September 2007

The meaning of this blog

One more post on my reivew of Meaning Inc. (here and here).

As well as noting how organisations can provide meaning for employees, Bains et al also list seven criteria to test for yourself whether you are living a meaningful life:

  • Do I have an invigorating sense of purpose that ignites my passions?
  • Do I have aspirations beyond living a high-quality and pleasurable life?
  • If others were asked would they be able to identify my core values?
  • Do I have a distinctive set of strengths that make me feel unique?
  • Do I feel I connect in a meaningful way with others around me?
  • Do the aspirations and goals that I have stretch me?
  • If my current dreams were to come true would I feel that I have had a worthwhile life?

I thought sharing my responses against one of these questions (I think answers to all seven would be rather repetitive and probably quite dull) might provide an interesting contrast to sorts of things people share when participating in the random facts meme.

So, do I have an invigorating sense of purpose that ignites my passions?

Yes, absolutely. I believe the way that organisations manage their people is changing. That organisations are going to have to start offering people truly valuable experiences that support their individual value requirements. And that line managers are going to have to start truly managing and coaching their people. I see my purpose being to help nudge this change along a little bit faster. And my blog is part of this.


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