Monday, 24 September 2007

Experiments in the HCM blogosphere

I found live blogging at the CIPD conference last week quite an interesting experience. Particularly when Lisbeth Claus came over to me on the Thursday morning and said that she'd been having a look at this blog. It turned out that when she was packing up after her Wednesday session she found that she had received an email from her PA forwarding my post on her session and asking "aren't you still speaking!?". I thought it was a great illustration of how real and virtual communications can be brought together very powerfully. And also of how knowledge professionals are increasingly closely monitoring and managing their internet footprints.

Another interesting experiment is The Work Clinic's charity blogathon: an attempt by Personnel Today to get as many views on workplace culture as possible while at the same time carrying out a good deed for the day!

And not particularly new, but quite impressive all the same is the HR Carnival hosted by Evil HR Lady. This is the 16th carnival, but the first I've contributed a post towards. Take a look!


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