Wednesday 24 September 2008

Feedback on Gordon Brown, Labour Conference


    So what did you think?

For me, Gordon's speech worked well and I'm surprised how positive I feel about him again.

But then, I've always felt OK about his policies - from his first 100 days through to the recent Equalities Bill.  Although I do think he deserves a lot of the blame for the preset doom and gloom.

To me, his problem is that this isn't the problem. It may be a bit far stretched to describe him a vampire, but, even after yesterdays speech, he just isn't someone you want to like.

His problem is authenticity. He isn't, or at least he doesn't come across as if he is.

There may be a lot of people struggling in the UK right now, but, even those on the breadline, or in fuel poverty (on the fuel-line?), want to feel good about themselves.

We've known for sometime that Maslow's pyramid isn't a hierarchy. I think this has been illustrated well through the homeless guy in Central Park who spends his time playing chess - if I remember the story right. He still has higher aspirations even if his basic needs aren't being met.

And it just doesn't feel good being led by someone who doesn't seem authentic.

That's why Jack Welch includes authenticity as one of his key leadership competencies. And in a Business Week podcast earlier this year, he talked about how these competencies apply to political leaders too.

So, using these competencies, and in association with Couraud, who I partner with on assessment work, and their online 360 degree feedback tool, I can now offer YOU the opportunity to rate Gordon Browns (and Nick Clegg's and David Cameron's) performance as a leader.

Just go to to provide your assessment and I'll publish the results here soon.


  1. Hi Jon - nice to come across you again in a post-Penna world! Plenty to have a dig around with here.

    My problem with Gordon Brown (texture like snow) is that the presentation simply doesn't match the inate character. He sounded very rehearsed and kept on message - but the words weren't his, there was no sincerity....and he promised lots that no-one can deliver (promises on poverty and climate change spring to mind). He also said he wouldn't use his children as props......and was introduced by his wife. As a leader, he makes a very good chancellor - linear, driven but unable to put the people into his spreadsheet of life. However slick the presentation yesterday, he won't last.

  2. Thanks Mark, Bruce, Jo, Derek...

    Great to hear from your all. Sorry I'm not being as proactive in responding to your comments a I should, but I do read them, think about, internalise them and may well refer back to them again in future posts.

    Do keep them coming...


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