Saturday, 6 September 2008

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I've been thinking about getting involved in podcasting for a while.  So for example, Don Taylor, who first encouraged me to blog, suggested an HCM podcast about a year ago.

I guess I've just been too busy blogging (as well as other things!), and not clear enough about how I'd go about podcasting to make a start (although my experience with blogging would suggest the best way to get into any social media is just to start doing it and go from there).

And of course, I'd have to have a clear objective.

One reason I've been blogging is that I've wanted to develop a better understanding of social media (to support my increasing focus on social capital) but I think I've now got this now, and I've never really been clear whether podcasting fits under the banner of social media anyway.  Yes, it does enable collaboration because people can email or record their comments which can be brought up in a later podcast, but I don't think it does this as well as blogging, where comments and content are much more closely connected (involving less time lapse and with both using the same media).  And podcasting does enable amateurs rather than professionals to get involved, but again not as easily as blogging, as the technology is definitely a little bit more complicated.

Podcamper Christopher Penn has recently made a similar point, distinguishing between new media and social media, and saying that while podcasting may be new media, it's not social, because it's not interactive (he even puts blogging in the 'new' category).

However, I am really excited to announce that I am now going to start podcasting, together with Krishna De, who many of you may know from her blog or existing podcasts, or her role as one of the Podcast Sisters.  I first met Krishna when she was a client at Diageo and we recently re-connected through social media and also the recent Employee Communication Summit.  And Krishna has introduced me to a new system for podcasting provided by Blogtalkradio.

This system makes the technology side of podcasting less complicated, and best of all, it combines the interactiveness of blogging with the audio experience of podcasting.  It does this by combining live broadcasting, like a traditional radio show (meaning that people can email and even call in while a show is progressing in order to join in the conversation) with the syndication capabilities of podcasting (meaning that recordings are available as podcasts on Blogtalkradio and also itunes so you can subscribe and download them to your ipod or other audio player in the normal way).

Given that I do want to continue to extend my engagement of the HR and business community, and also now that the technology issues I listed above have been dealt with, it doesn't make sense to delay further.

So, look out for our new audio / radio show / podcast, Talking HR, coming very soon!  Look out for more announcements here, or at



  1. Jon - I'm really looking forward to collaborating with you and exploring the changing world of HR and hope that others will join us in conversation.

  2. Hi Jon - great podcast you guys are working on, listened to it yesterday. Hope you manage to keep it going...

    You beat me to it, have been planning a little something myself on - watch this space!
    All the best


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