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Best HR Podcasts




I gave out as a web address to obtain more information on HR podcasts (along with other web 2.0 HR resources - see slide) during my presentation in Prague, but as my laptop's broken, I didn't manage to put the page up before I gave out the link - grrrr!  Anyway, here's the information (my podcast first, then the rest in alphabetic order), just a little bit delayed:


Talking HR Talking HR, the new pod on the block.  Krishna De, an ex-SVP HR and personal client, as well as an experienced podcaster, and I, discuss the latest issues in HR and employee engagement in the digital economy.
Show 001 talked about podcasting in HR, and particularly in recruitment.
Show 002 is going to focus on HR's response to the global financial crisis (also see my post on doom and gloom).
Bill Kutik Knowledge infusion's fortnightly Bill Kutik Radio Show features some great, professional and interesting thought leader interviews with this leading independent analysts in the HR technology marketplace and chairman of the HR Technology conference.  As with Talking HR, you can either listen live or subscribe / download the archives.
Melcrum podcast Melcrum Podcasts - in this list, I want to concentrate on generic HR podcastsrather than ones more specifically focused on internal communication and other sub-functions (I am sure that Melrum would argue against this classification) but there's lots of great stuff on employee engagement, web 2.0 etc here that are very important for all HR practitioners (interesting though that this is the one show listed here without its own logo!).
People Performance Radio Success Factors' People Performance Radio started as some internal discussion but has developed recently into more thought leader interviews, which are also all very good (for example, check out Jac Fitz-Enz talking about HCM: 21).
Personnel Today Audio The weekly Personnel Today Audioprovides beautifully authentic discussion (described using a rather positive spin) on recent HR news and other issues - mostly only relevant to a UK audience.
CIPD podcast The irregular Podcasts from CIPDprovide some good analysis, discussion, interviews with CIPD staff and HR professionals.  Some of it will only be relevant to the UK or CIPD members, but much of it does have worldwide application, and is much more strategically focused thanSHRM's podcasts (probably not a very fair comparison as SHRM provide a weekly review).
Public Sector podcast Public Sector HR Podcast - you may think this is too focused on UK-based public sector HR people (Kirklees Council might not generally be seen as a global authority on e-learning), but I still find it well worth listening too (for example, I think the recent show on engagement provided some very interesting perspectives on public sector engagement).
Recruiters Lounge Jim Stroud's Recruiters Lounge - as I mentioned earlier, in this list I want to focus on podcasts that cover the full HR agenda rather than just recruitment, communication etc, but I think this show is so good, it deserves a mention here.
Workforce Innovations's irregular Workforce Innovations podcast provides an irregular view on HR activities and other issues (for example, most recently, bridging the generation gap).


You may also want to check out APQC's HCM podcast, Ceridian's HR and Payroll podcast, Guy Clapperton'sHR Podcast, Mettle Consulting's On Your Mettle podcast series, the witty Orion Partners podcast and Yorkshire Business TV's Successful HR Strategies some of which I think are rather good, but all of which seems to have stopped broadcasting (at least temporarily).

Or there are a few other HR podcasts that I'm afraid I don't like too much - but of course you may, including:Mercer Select HRadio and SHRM HR Week podcast (partly, but not totally because these are so focused on the US).

I have tried to focus on very HR oriented podcasts, but there are a lot of others with a slightly wider HCM / people management feel to them - I can provide this list as well if people are interested.


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