Thursday, 25 September 2008

Prague, Budapest, 4 generations and a broken laptop


Zetiva 4 generations   Just back from Prague.  Sorry for the lack of posting, and also the delay in broadcasting show 002 of Talking HR (which will now go out on Friday) but my laptop stopped working again (I'd only just had it repaired!).  So I've got lots to catch up on!

The conference seemed to go well, and I enjoyed presenting and chairing, as I usually do.  I thought there were some great presentations, and particularly liked Romana Piatnicova (HR Design Director at Zentiva)'s thoughts on the future of HR, and the impact of having 4 generations in the workforce.

This is something I'm very interested in myself, but it Romana made a very insightful presentation, and with a particular CEE angle.  I'll have to try hard not to pinch too much of it when I present on the impact of Generation Y and the Milennials at EFMA's West meets East: Recruitment and Retention conference in Budapest later this year.

And you can expect a few more detailed posts on generational change towards the end of October and early November.

In the meanwhile, there are plenty of other resources - for example, this Deloitte dbrief webinar held earlier this week: Multigenerational Communications: The Case for Shifting from Monologue to Megalogue.  (The webinar includes a review of the Deloitte Film Festival that I mentioned in my breakout group.)



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