Friday, 20 February 2009

Talking HR Show #011 (Trust at Work)


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Show notes:


02:45 mins Krishna: introducing trust and work, the Edelman Trust Barometer.
03:50 Jon: other recent debate, eg at Davos.  recent violations in trust.
07:00 Krishna / Jon: defining trust as an outcome, an element of social capital.  Ken Blanchard Companies' model of trust.  Emotional currency.
10:50 Krishna: people who don't trust anyone or anything and the need to meet expectations.
14:10 Caller from Guatemala: question on role of trust in a new business venture - trust depends on motives and the problem is that people are often selfishly motivated.
18:00 Krishna: issue of differences in trust in different countries.
18:30 Caller: people use trust as a strategy.
21:00 Jon: trust in personal relationships as an analogy for trust in business; trust and its relationship to employee engagement (referring to Richard Edelman's  on FIR podcast).
25:20 Krishna: summary of Edelman Trust Barometer, including results for different countries.  Edelman's advise to use social media to enhance engagement.  How trust is influenced by other' peoples conversations (comments on ecademy and one of Krishna's clients.
33:30 Jon: linking this point on influence to Edelman's findings that people need to hear something several times.
35:45 Krishna: also need to connect the story to the bigger picture; and to deliver on what is being communicated.
37:30 Jon: how important is the lack of / fall in the level of trust? - is it a short-term blip or a fundamental breach will which require very different thinking?  Do we need to develop tighter bonds to ensure the future performance of the organisation?
41:50 Krishna: the need to build trust one conversation at a time.  Some organisations and leaders realise this is important, include in surveys and reports etc.  We need to understand whether our people trust us.  McKinsey research - we tend to research people who are closer to hand - we need to be visible.
47:45 Jon: a possible psychological explanation for this.  Trust in local HR people vs perceived credibility of function.  The role of social media in building trust - do people need to meet face-to-face?
Krishna: experience of building trust at a distance (without face-to-face or even voice-to-voice contact) - but social media isn't for everyone.
55:45 Jon: other evidence for the opportunities for using social media to develop trust: dating sites etc,
Krishna: a personal perspective - do we feel we trust others, are we projecting our feelings about trust onto them?


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