Wednesday 4 February 2009

HR Carnival 4 February 2009


   The carnival is in town again - this time with Wally Bock at his Three Star Leadership Blog.  Loads of excellent contributions - go take a look!


And hurrah, hurrah, later this month the carnival will be coming right here.  That's right - the HR Carnival will be hosted by yours truly on 18th February.  HR bloggers: contributions by end of Monday 16th (Monday Pacific Time) please.


* Regular readers of this blog will know that I usually support my HR Carnival posts with pictures from the UK’s Notting Hill Carnival, with this being the major carnival over here – but maybe not for much longer!  Kensington & Chelsea Council are threatening to cancel this year’s carnival, or at least ensure that it poses ‘less of a noise problem’. So the picture on this post is a simple white space, in sympathy with the delicate hearing and sensibilities of K&C residents.

And I might pick another focus for my pictures supporting future carnivals - I don't think photos of revelers wearing earplugs will carry the message of collaborative enjoyment in quite the same way some how.


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