Saturday, 28 February 2009

Batelco’s management of different generations


More on the Etisalat Mddle East HR conference:



Ahmed Al Khalifa from Bahrain’s Batelco gave a good presentation describing some of the main differences between generations.

I thought this part of the presentation was a bit generic – you’d have heard the same (I have) from speakers in many different areas of the world, and it would have been good to have been given some insight on Batelco’s thoughts about generational differences within Bahrain or the Middle East.

However, I was more impressed as the presentation progressed and Al Khalifa moved onto Batelco’s attempts to try to appeal to the different generations in different ways.

A major part of this is about mindset – ensuring managers and employees understand that different ways of behaving between generations aren’t about lack of commitment or poor work ethics but are down to differing styles – this relates particularly to team working.

Secondly, HR needs to attempt to satisy all generations working together in the same workplace, and to reap the benefits of each group’s unique skills and experience.






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