Wednesday, 11 February 2009

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   Thank you for everyone who has responded to my poll, and commented on my recent series of posts on HR's role, City risk taking and the recession:


Most people seem to believe that change is coming. I think this was well articulated by Gireesh Sharma who wrote:

"A big change is needed, the way Business treats its secrets, especially financial books, the way captains are chosen to helm the business (because of recent CEO failures), the way employees manage their finance (because of foreclosures), and the way salaries and profits are distributed. The change is needed."


However, P Milton worries about whether the people who got us into this situation will be able to steer us out of it:

"My lack of trust in these 'banksters,' runs deep, and it is difficult at this point to listen to the ones who drove us into the ditch suggesting fundamental change. The sheep is suspicious when it's the wolf doing the suggesting."


Both Jo and Hayli M think the internet is going to play a key role in the change.  Hayli notes:

"This period will go down as the "Golden Age of the Internet" for many reasons, including the way it revolutionized the workplace."


And, discussing apps like Zumbox, Jo suggests we are on the cusp of commercial change as fundamental as the introduction of the penny post and the limited liability company.

Anne Marie McEwan and Derek Irvine both agreed that HR will be involved in the change.  Derek noted:

"The extent of that involvement is reliant on how HR is perceived in the organization. HR must have a respected seat at the executive table to, in your words, 'have the capability to lead this change.' This is certainly not the case in many organizations today."


Anne Marie put it more simply...

"Does HR have the capability to lead this change? No, it doesn't."


... and provides some great references, see her comments to my HR in the spotlight post.

However, Jo very appropriately challenges me that my questions are to general and I need to be clearer about what changes I think are coming, what are the first steps we have to take, and how can we assist each other to take those first tottering steps?

I'm going to try to answer some of these concerns in my next post (and yes, Jo, I know I need to do my 25 things for you).

In the meantime, keep your comments coming...


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