Thursday, 10 December 2009

Helping you have more impact


   I want to wrap up my series of posts on planning for 2010 (before 2010 actually starts in a couple of weeks time!) by writing about what I could / would do to help you plan effectively for next year in order to have more impact / create Next Generation HR / change to a New Leadership Paradigm etc.

Having said that, the post isn’t so much about me (although it would be nice to help you raise your impact too), but about what I’d advise you to do to go about creating this sort of impact – and approaching this subject in a bit more of a practical way than I’ve posted on it before.

The key to creating this higher level of impact is, I think, to ask the right questions.  And then to think, deeply, about your answers, and not to be limited by what’s happening today.  (It’s for this reason that I believe measurement has a limited role in HCM, and why I believe in Imagination Based HR – even if you, my readers don’t*).

These are some of the questions I’d want to ask you (and help you answer):

  • What’s your organisation about / what’s going to make the difference to its future?  (what’s your mojo?)
  • Who are the people who will sustain this mojo?  (who are your talent?)
  • What will they be thinking, feeling and doing? (what are your competencies?)
  • What unique value do these people provide?, and how to they provide competitive advantage? (what are your capabilities – your human and social capital?)
  • What do these people want you to do to support them? (what’s your EVP?)
  • What form of organisation structure is best able to support your mojo and your people? (your organisation capital)
  • What specific processes will you need to develop, and other interventions to make, to create the capabilities you require as well as the offer your people desire?  (what best fit processes do you need?)
  • Therefore what role does HR need to play in supporting all of this (what’s your view of Next Generation HR)?
  • And of your leaders and managers?


Oh, and really at the top of the list, who needs to be involved in answering these questions (hint: everyone would be wonderful - whether this be through social media or a large scale event).



* As Imagination Based HR has only received one vote in the quiz on my blog so far – and with just 4 days left for you to vote).


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