Thursday, 17 December 2009

Top online HR influencers


I've been following John Sumser’s developing list of top 100 HR influencers with much interest.

There are some great stories in here – some about people I feel I know quite well, but quite a few of people I’ve never come across as well.

However, in the spirit of authenticity, I’ll admit that my interest is partly to see if my own name comes up.  I don't actually think it will, partly because the list is rather US-focused (where are the UK's David Fairhurst, Angela O'Connor, and other usual suspects from the UK conference circuit for example) and also recruitment-centric (it is supported by  And it's also, I'll admit reluctantly, because I probably don't yet have that much influence!

In addition, as Sumser notes, people who have great influence online are rarely seen as influential offline - which I think is interesting, but means this list probably doesn't play to the way I spend my time.  Still, I'm vain enough to think I might squeeze in at #99.


Anyway, Sumser has now published a new list which has used algorithms to rank online footpints and identify the top 25 online HR influencers - and I'm on this one (at #20, but one of only 3 people outside of the US, and the single person on the list from the UK).


The top 5 influencers are:


Check the HRExaminer site for info on the other influencers.


The ranking is a combination of three different percentages:

Reach (I score 45%)

-   This score (a percentile) is an estimate of the number of people who see the material. It’s a measure of the eyeballs or audience size.

Resonance (50%)

-   This is a measure of the number of inbound links, mentions, blogroll listings, community participation

Relevance (53%)

-   This score describes the fit of the persons work with a cloud of keywords.


Of course, people only establish significant internet footprints when other people read and link to what they have to say.  So thanks to the other influencers, and other social media contributors, for linking here.  And thanks to you for reading!





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