Tuesday, 22 December 2009

One more for 2010 - TRU London


TRU I enjoyed speaking with Bill Boorman and his other guests yesterday.

And I also look forward to speaking to many of them again at Bill’s second HR and recruitment unconference, TRU London 2, where I’ll be one of Bill’s track leaders, early next year.

Bill describes the format of the unconference as:

“An unconference is an event that has no fixed structure and only two rules, no power point and no presentations. The day is split in to sessions during which a series of ‘tracks’ run on a theme with a track leader hosting the discussion, debate and learning. The discussion takes a life of its own with attendees bringing their own views, questions and opinions as well as debate. This takes many directions and concludes with real learning and opinion forming. The track leaders have been carefully chosen from their areas of experience and knowledge and the value they can bring to the ‘track’ and have been drawn from across the globe giving a real global view. We will be adding to the list of track leaders right up to the day of the event (and even during it.)

You are actively encouraged to disagree, argue, debate and question, all we ask is that you respect one another. In addition to the published tracks we will be adding to the list by request right up to the day. If you want to add a track just contact us and we will set it up. We will also be encouraging impromptu tracks throughout the day whenever a new subject comes up. An unconference is about what you want to discuss and is not restricted by any fixed agenda.”


I’m particularly pleased to be participating after deciding, maybe incorrectly, that travel time and costs would make attending last year’s HRevolution event in Louisville, Kentucky unproductive, and missing TRU London 1 while I was up at the CIPD conference.


You can learn more at some of the reviews of TRU London 1 earlier this year – eg this blog post and this podcast (although if you listen to the podcast please note there weren’t hundreds of us tweeting from the CIPD conference – only about 8 of us really – we just did a lot of it; we did have fun there too; and this blog was included in several of FOT’s power rankings well before Andy Headworth!).

And you can buy tickets for TRU London 2 here.  Note that ticket prices are well below those of a traditional conference. 

If you don’t think travelling to London for this would be productive, I can understand, but you might be wrong (as I think I was about HRevolution).  But no worries, as Bill plans on taking TRU on a world tour as well.


So there you go.  That also wraps up all I have to share with you about my current plans for January and February 2010 too.

A reminder:


There’ll be a few other things too – including trips to Nigeria, Bahrain and back to the UAE (as well as quite a bit of client work coming up), but I’ll let you know about these additional activities next year.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more HCM and HR 2.0 related posts over Christmas and New Year as I’m going to be trying to catch up with some of the things I’ve not managed to post on earlier on.





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  1. Hi Jon,
    I am looking forward to your tracks at TRULondon 2 and in hosting a track with you (Gen Z). I'm sorry you weren't able to join us for HRevolution, so hopefully Steve and I will bring the spirit of that to you. And, we're planning HRevolution 2 now, so stay tuned. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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