Sunday 7 February 2010

HR and Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration


Morten Hansen Collaboration New HR Agenda   I’ve already posted briefly on one session at the Enterprise 2.0 virtual event this week, but want to write even more briefly about another.

This is Morten Hansen’s opening session on collaboration.  I’ve already reviewed Hansen’s book, Collaboration, on Talking HR, so I’m not going to go through his whole presentation.  But there were a couple of additions in this session.  One of these was a discussion on enterprise 2.0 technology which was a glaring omission in the book (leading me to shout out ‘hello! – wiki!!!’ on the show).  And I thought you’d be interested in the other addition which is shown on this slide: the ‘new HR agenda’.

Why?  Well, according to Hansen, there’s going to be a paradigm shift around (disciplined) collaboration – as this is the future of work.

To develop effective collaboration, organisations need to recognise that the motivation barrier is as great as the need to ensure it has the right technological tools.  This isn’t so much about 2.0 as these tools don’t fundamentally address the motivation barrier (duh!).  It’s much more about HR.

So one way of addressing the motivation barrier is through the development of T-shaped people, which Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO refers to as ‘a depth of skills and a disposition for collaboration across’  and which he believes is the backbone of IDEO’s collaborative culture.

And T-shaped people are developed by changing HR systems to focus on both individual work and collaborative work – so where is the right balance in the dimensions shown in the slide for your organisation?


I’m still hoping to explore this subject further with the Enterprise 2.0 crowd at the E2.0 conference in Boston this Summer.  And will definitely continue to do so in my Social Advantage blog and forthcoming book



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