Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The UK’s top HR blog – it’s official (sort of)


   Fistful of Talent have just published their 6th round of power rankings, and this blog comes in at #15 of 160 blogs in the talent management space (thanks guys!).

Not bad at at all, and I’m particularly pleased to see that Strategic HCM is placed as the top blog from the UK (in fact I think it’s the only blog in top 25 that’s from the UK – but I still need to check on this).

Still, it’s probably not quite enough to claim to be the UK’s top HR blog / blogger.

However, I have also just been put in top slot in Hub Cap Digital’s list of the top 10 HR bloggers in the UK (thanks to Michael, Stuart et al).

Add to this that I came in as the top, and again the only, UK based blogger in John Sumser’s list of digital HR influencers, and that this blog comes in as the UK’s top career related blog in RiseSmart’s Career 100, and I think that just about wraps it up.

Not bad considering I’ve had a bit of a bloggers’ block over the last week or so – I’ll have to stop blogging more often!





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  1. Well deserved Jon. Your blog is my must read out of the UK.

    And yes, sometimes silence is the only thing keeping people from concluding I am terribly smart.

  2. Many thanks Lance, and well done back on your #11 slot too.


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