Tuesday 24 May 2011

#ASTD2011: Learning and Integrated Talent Management


   I’ve been enjoying the tweets from the ASTD’s International Conference – definitely one I want to attend one year.  Unfortunately there haven’t been that many updates on one of my favourite topics – integrated talent management* - being discussed there.  But I’ve been reviewing and thought I’d post on some of the ASTD’s research on this anyway.

This goes back to a 2008 ASTD/I4CP study, Talent Management Practices and Opportunities, which showed that there is considerable room for improvement in the degree to which organizations effectively manage talent and integrate different components of talent management.  For example, one key opportunity is to develop unifying organisational cultures which engage workers.

The more recent recent survey focuses on the role of L&D within integrated talent management.  This research finds that high performing organisations tend to integrate talent management components more than low performing organisations (which are not likely to integrate certain components at all).  But many of the most effective integrated talent management practices are not widely used:



Barriers to effective integrated talent management efforts include conflicting priorities, limited resources, non-supportive corporate cultures, incompatible organisational processes, and senior leaders who undervalue integrated talent management.

In terms of the L&D role, learning practitioners their own components but also play a vital role in partnering with other groups and facilitating integrative activities.


* Integrated talent management is also the title of the ASTD & I4CP’s new book which includes chapters from Dave Ulrich, Marshall Goldsmith and a few others (including me).



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