Wednesday 25 May 2011

The What do We Do All Day? HR Carnival


   Time for the Carny to put down for its fifth stop at Strategic HCM.  This one’s not themed officially as the spate of these seem to have worn people out (or perhaps it was just the dancing?).  But as with my original sexy one, I thought I’d pick a theme from my favourite post anyway.

And for this edition, that’s going to have to be Robin Schooling’s post at HR Schoolhouse reflecting on Just a Coupla Chicks Having an HR Conversation.  ‘What is it we DO?’ one of them asks.  Robin provides her answer in the post but here are a few more posts shining light into different aspects of the job:



Suzanne Lucas, Evil HR Lady asks Is the Resume Dead?

Marsha Keeffer, Mint Resumes (so begging to differ, I presume) discusses Job Search Win: Be Relevant (not something I remember discussing in my book, but hey, no worries).


Talent management

Warren Heaps, International HR Forum reviews 2011 Global Talent Index

Andrew McIlvaine, HREOnline's The Leader Board posts on Rethinking Talent Management

Cathy Missildine-Martin, Profitability Through Human Capital discusses High Potentials vs. High Performers

Mike Haberman, Omega HR is a bit taken aback by the suggestion Having HR Involved in Succession Planning is a Cardinal Sin.


Change management and Communication

Mark Stelzner, Inflexion Advisors provides 4 Reasons Change Is So Damn Hard

Gautam Ghosh, Building Social Business posts on Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating

Dwane Lay, Lean HR, discusses Customer Surveys and Diminishing Returns.


Tree hugging (or Leadership I suppose)

John Hunter, Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog suggests Respect People by Creating a Climate for Joy in Work

Jennifer V. Miller, The People Equation posts on Thank You. 4 Ways to Make Those Two Words Count

Wally Bock, Three Star leadership posts If at first they don't succeed.


All that other stuff which is why I personally no longer work in HR

Susan Heathfield, Human Resources asks Does Panty Hose Matter?

Lynn Dessert, Elephants at Work cautions Beware: Is your doctor charging you fairly?.


Then there are a few other posts generally reviewing HR’s role and making suggestions for its improvement:


HR’s role

Ian Welsh, HR Toolbox Employee Relations blogs discusses Human Resources Professionals of the Future - HR Big Brother!

Laura Schroeder, Working Girl asks Is Your Desire to Help Others Holding You Back?

Amy Wilson , Shiny & Useful provides 8 Recommendations: Leveraging Analytics to Bridge the HR/Business Divide

Naomi Bloom, In Full Bloom asks To Outsource Or Not To Outsource, These Are The Questions

Peter Hros, HR Beginner discusses one HR professional moving From HR Toddler to Here and Now (V).


Sounds fun, hey?  However, if the role is no longer your cup of tea you might like to check out our last post from Christine Livingstone at A Different Kind of Work who offers 3 Little-Known Factors That Could Ease Your Transition From Corporate Job To Solopreneurs.


That’s your lot.  The carny’s next stop will be with the Women of HR (all of them?) on 8th June.  Check it out again then.


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  1. Jon, Thank you for hosting this month's HR carnival topics! I always look forward to interesting points of views!

  2. Thanks, Jon, for hosting, especially without a theme. I sent it out as the lead in my newsletter and included the carnival here:

    Regards, Susan


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