Sunday, 22 May 2011

Westminster Briefing: Taking the ‘Engaging For Success’ report forward


  I’ll also be speaking at this Westminster Briefing event looking at the role of the Employee Engagement Task Force announced recently to build on the role of the last government’s Engaging for Success report:


With the economy still weak, public and private sector organisations face financial and human resources challenges for the foreseeable future. Consequently, the need to support growth and employee wellbeing is of huge importance.

Building on and taking forward the recommendations outlined in the report ‘Engaging for Success’ the Government has commissioned a new Employee Engagement Task Force. This new body will ensure that a range of practical opportunities are made available for organisations wanting to learn about employee engagement and spearhead the drive to improve their performance, productivity, and worker wellbeing.

However, significant challenges and questions remain over not only what constitutes employee engagement but how to implement it and also its practical benefits.

Speakers include:

  • David Macleod, Chair, Employment Engagement Task Force & Co-Author, "Engaging for Success" Report
  • Nita Clarke, Co-Author "Engaging for Success" Report & Director, IPA Involve
  • Helen Giles, Human Resources Director, Broadway Homelessness and Support
  • Elizabeth Theobald, Employee Engagement Project Manager at London Borough of Lewisham
  • Raffaela Goodby, Employee Engagement Manager, Birmingham City Council
  • Senior representative, Workforce Strategy, Local Government Improvement and Development
  • (Chair)Professor Katie Truss, Professor of Management & Head, Kent Business School, University of Kent



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