Tuesday 13 September 2011

#HRMI Most Influential Thinker


   I’m still recovering from a great event at Claridge’s last night where HR Magazine presented their new lists of HR Most Influentials.  I was really pleased to find that I’d been included in the list of Top 25 HR Most Influential HR Thinkers, at #23.



It’s my first time on the list, and the first time a blogger has been included on it - not that my influence is confined to this blog (there’s also my consulting, speaking, training and writing etc), but the comments submitted by the magazine’s readers seem to suggest that my blog is where most of my influence is being generated:

"He is the top HR blogger"

"A productive commentator with great insights"


And this is why, that whilst there is a great group of other thinkers on the list as well (as well as another list of international thinkers, and one of influential practitioners), I do worry about how many of these will be able to stay on the list in future.  If they’re not using social media, they’re soon going to find themselves passed over by those who do.

And currently they’re not – for example, other than me, there was only HR Magazine and Benjamin Reid from The Work Foundation tweeting last night.  (Lynda Gratton who topped the thinker list does tweet – and it was noted that ‘her tweets really make you think’ – but they’re not really very ‘social’, ie there’s not much sign of conversation in her twitter stream).


Anyway, what I really wanted to write was thanks for your support in reading this blog, and particularly for those of you who voted for me.  It’s always nice to receive an award but it’s really motivating to know you think I’m influential*.  (By the way, it’d be very interesting to know just how I have influenced you!).

Also my thanks to HR Magazine for a great event, with the chance to meet other HR influencers such as Patrick Wright (I’ll be reviewing his new book, the CHRO soon), and for giving their readers the opportunity to vote for me.


Also see:


* And just to show you that I mean this, I’m going to break my blogger’s block and start posting daily again.  So see you back here soon!



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