Thursday, 1 September 2011

Reinvention of the Human Resources Function through Social Media / Kuala Lumpur


   I’m going to be delivering this session on HR and social media in Malaysia on 26th and 27th September.

“Social media is one of the main drivers of change in business at the moment.  In HR, it is enabling major transformations in recruiting, learning and other areas.

Many HR teams are now using social media and other web 2.0 technologies to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their people management processes.  Most of these teams are using social media in the same way as traditional communication channels to ‘push’ information to employees.

However, social media also provides access to further benefits including improving the quality of recruit, the capability of individuals and teams, employee engagement and organisational culture.  HR teams gaining these additional benefits are using social media to ‘pull’ current and potential employees closer to the organisation, and to enhance sharing and participation across the workforce.

In addition, HR professionals have the opportunity to play a further role in their organisation’s use of social media too.  Businesses are using 2.0 tools to empower their employees to deliver better customer service; to keep track of customer needs (social CRM); to support knowledge management and to enable collaboration and innovation (enterprise 2.0).  However many of these projects present behavioural and cultural (rather than technological) challenges, requiring HR to lead or at least collaborate in the implementation of these systems.

Attend this workshop to understand how to gain all these sets of benefits for your HR team and your organisation.  In addition, we will also talk about why you yourself might benefit from more personal involvement in social media. And to start you off along this path, we will be encouraging you to get onto Twitter to tweet the session and ask questions of the trainer, and to contribute to a new blog summarising learning from the two days.”


I don’t know why all of the faces in the brochure are western, and am a bit worried that the guy in the bottom left clearly doesn’t want to be associated with the programme, but I’m sure it’ll be a great event for everyone who attends.


If you wish to book for the session, contact Ms Sarah Avery Chua (Marketing Executive) at International Podium Allianz Group:

Email: sara.a.chua @

Tel: 6631 9899

Fax: 6631 9894



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