Thursday, 29 September 2011

Vineet Nayar on the perfect storm


DSCN3601   No real surprise that HCL Technologies won this year’s Asian Human Capital Award.  CEO Vineet Nayar always speaks a lot of not-so-common sense and I’ve been looking forward to the awards session since Vineet let the cat out of the bag by tweeting about his session yesterday.

I wasn’t let down and think Vineet’s input has been the most insightful piece around Asian business / HR so far, talking about the current ‘perfect storm’ and suggesting that given the returning economic crisis in Europe, that the West is looking more seriously at the East than ever before (which is I guess why I’m here for the first time too).

Do take a look at his speech:

(To be uploaded)


I stop the video at about 10 minutes as Vineet started to get more deeply into HCLT’s experience – not that this was any less insightful but simply because I’ve already covered it previously – see:


As the Singapore Minister for Manpower explained, Asian organisations are responding to economic turbulence by developing their own innovative, effective and impactful human capital solutions rather than by translating solutions from the West (why would the East want to copy the practices that have got the West into this economic mess?).

HCLT’s experience is a good example of this – Employee First Customers Second “isn’t a people strategy identified to support the business, but a business strategy built around having employees build high performance and generate value for customers” (ie it’s creating vs just adding value).



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