Sunday, 18 May 2014

#GamifyHR HR / Learning Gamification Case Studies

Day 3 of Fleming's Gamification in HR Summit focused on learning, particularly in this case study from Tuba Surucu from Yapi Kredi Bank in Turkey.  The bank has 18,000 employees, 40% generation Y and the rest mainly Z.  They're always on their ipads and 'what they want they want'.

The firm's use of serious gaming in learning dates back to 1998 when YKB City, similar to SIMS City, was introduced into their Learning Centre enabling employees to seek all the information they need.  The game's launch was supported by a teaser movie and was made accessible for two months.

The game was based on two scenarios - 2 phases simulating the real environment found in branches and departments.  In the first phase employees earned points to test their knowledge using wheels, horse races etc.

The game incorporate levels to help people see where they are at that point in the game - and they can do things like change their avatar etc.  Each level assigns specific missions to users ensuring theyinvestigate the environment and the applications in the game.

Scoring meters provide an external motivator running through the game.

4260 employees participated, 1000 different questions were solved and 30 different scenarios were played.  Cross sales increased 19%, 89,460 training hours were saved, pre/post scores increased from 63.5 to 82.5 and job waiting time decreased 25%.

Yapi Kredi were able to see which topics had been most successfully trained and where future efforts needed to go.

Version 2.0 of the game was introduced this year to meet a need to certificate 1500 people.  It was based on a virus attack and the need to solve scenarious to save the bank

The game as designed and implemented in 6 months and was supported by email and video teasing and brochures.  The branding focused on the highest score participant in each branch and encouraged other employees to try to beat them.

The rest was left to employees to learn throughout the game.  There were also rewards and visibility to the 10 winners.

3.0 is going to be for orientation - investigating the 7 wonders of the world.  At each wonder people will find puzzle pieces to complete the picture.  There's also a new mobile app which will include some games too.

So again, this is gaming rather than gamification - and quite similar to the recruitment case studies in fact.  But it's useful to see what a company is doing internally - most  recruitment gamification experiences can be reviewed externally anyway, but the learning stuff is all behind the firewall.

But I did get a chance to ask about proper gamification examples later on.  An suggested this LMS as an example, but this is still just a technology system which makes gamificating easier - it's not a case study of how a company has gamified their learning.

So I'd have still liked to have seen more, but maybe that's just me - more in my next couple of posts.
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