Wednesday 1 April 2009

Strategic-HCM: #2 (well, really #1) in the UK!


     I recently added Strategic HCM to RiseSmart's Career 100 blogs and have just learnt that it has come out at #75 (out of over 250 blogs).

So, thank you for reading - the ranking is all down to you!

However, while being enormously grateful and really pleased to be in the top 100, to be honest I suppose the ranking is a bit lower than I was hoping for, especially having been in Fistful of Talent's top 25 in the past.  But the rating system is obviously very different and I think the categorisation is a bit broader, and I'm still #2 out of UK career blogs (and that's only because I'm behind my Talking HR co-podcaster Krishna De's Biz Growth News - and she's in Ireland!!! - so this blog is really #1!).  And I'm really chuffed with that.

Still, I have been doing a particularly high amount of posting recently, and with ongoing publicity (see for example, All Things Workplace, Cheezhead, Gautam Ghosh, Great  Leadership, HR Thoughts, Punk Rock HR, Secrets of the Job Hunt - and obviously here!) and new blogs joining the list all the time, the trajectory is probably going to be downwards rather than moving higher up.


You can help maintain this blog's ranking!

Go and take a look at RiseSmart's Career 100 directory.  It’s a great tool for research — whether you’re a blogger, a jobseeker, an HR manager, a recruiter, or all of the above - see the site's search function, which enables you to query the content of all 250+ Career 100 blogs at once.  You can:

  • Search by blog name: You can search for specific blogs in the Career 100 and quickly find their rankings and other information.
  • Search content: You can search the content of all Career 100 blogs with a single search by either keyword or topic.
  • View recent posts: You can also view a popup window displaying recent posts from each Career 100 blog.


While you're there, do providing your rating for this blog - click on 'rate this blog'  and score 1-5 (with 5 being the best rating) on:

  • Most Frequent Updates (mine are about once a day at the moment)
  • Biggest Scoops (OK, I don't really do this)
  • Best Writing (that's why your here isn't it?).



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  1. wow. i like that you compare your ranking with RiseSmart to your standing on Fistful of Talent's rankings! of course... our opinion matters more so who cares how they scored you! :)


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