Friday, 17 April 2009

Jessica Lee Speaks


   One of the things I really appreciate about travelling around the world as I do is connecting with other bloggers who increasingly make an important part of my social network, even if we’ve never previously met face-to-face.

Tonight, I was privileged to spend a short amount of time with a very talented Washington DC based blogger, and I sure HR Professional, Jessica Lee, author of Jessica Lee Writes; editor of Fistful of Talent and chief promoter of sexy HR.

As well as HR, and other stuff, Jessica writes some great posts on web 2.0, for example her recent posts on jumping into social media (my own thinking on this, by the way, is that HR needs to learn this stuff on a personal basis before involving their organisation – it’s very difficult to communicate the benefits without having experienced them first).

So my advice would be to put up with Jessica’s inability to use the Caps key; read her posts and subscribe to her feeds.

Great to meet you Jessica.


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