Tuesday 14 April 2009

HR forums / communities [Day 9 – 31DBBB]


It’s DBBB day 9 already, and I’m running behind.  Fortunately, day 8’s and day 9’s tasks refer to things I already do anyway.

  • Day 8 suggested interlinking old blog posts.  Now I do link new to old blog posts fairly heavily already, and have started to add some new links to old posts as well.  But I’m planning to go through all my posts, checking formats, existing links etc, particularly from the old days when I didn’t really know what I was doing (do I now?), so I’ll incorporate this challenge into that action plan.
  • Day 9 suggests joining a forum.  The challenge includes some good suggestions, and I can definitely make more of the forums I’m already part of, and especially the one that I’ve created!, but I thought the first thing for me to do might be to note down in one place all the open (vs invite only) HR forums / communities I am already part of (harder than it should be as although most of them are ning’s, I use different email addresses, so can’t see them all together).  And I thought I should also share this with you.


Human Capital ning Human Capital (45 members).  Small, select but very well formed.
Human Capitalist Human Capitalists (511 members).  From the Human Capital Institute.
SHCM ning Strategic Human Capital Management (72 members).  Not associated with me, but a great name don’t you think!
Employee Engagement The Employee Engagement Network (1078 members).
A great resource.
Talent Social Talent Social (54 members).  UK focused, talent management.
HRM Today HRM Today Social Network (931 members).  HR bloggers and others.
HR professionals HR Professionals (661 members).  Gautam Ghosh’s social network.
HRM Journal HRM: The Journal (931 members).  An interesting mix of academics and professionals.


I think I’m also a member of:


I’ve not been at all proactive about joining forums, so I’m sure there are plenty more.  Do you have any suggestions for other forums I should be part of?


See also this post on HR podcasts.


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  1. Hi Jon,

    A great list for everyone (I suppose). I am member of many of these but not all. Planning to enroll myself in a couple more and see you there..

    Blogger @ Talent Junction

  2. Thanks Gireesh.

    One more for you - the HR Toolbox: http://hr.toolbox.com/


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