Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Royal Revolution


  No, I’m not quite proposing that!

But Will and Kate haven’t left me much time to escape from the UK before the royal wedding!

So, either I just try to bring forward my plans (a bit of pressure can be a good thing, after all).  Or perhaps I just try to arrange a short project or speaking engagement at the time the wedding’s on.

One option is HRevolution on 29-30 April (tickets here).  Now I only normally attend conferences when I’m being paid to speak; or I can arrange some paid work around the conference, or it’s just really easy to do (like Social Recruiting in London next week).

Unconferences like Connecting HR and HRevolution are an exception, but as an independent consultant working in a difficult economy, I still need to be careful about expenses.  So – anyone have work in the US for me around then?  Or would like to sponsor me my flights (I’m sure we could work out a good deal)?


Picture credit: Rioters Attack the Royal Palace during the French Revolution (unknown artist)


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