Tuesday, 23 November 2010



  Spurred on from successes with our tweet-ups and unconference, Connecting HR has now launched a series of weekly Twitter chats when we tweet about a particular topic linked to the key themes we identified at the unconference, ie:

  • General HR Knowledge Share
  • HR in the Age of Austerity
  • HR in the Social World
  • HR supporting the Social Business (enterprise 2.0)
  • HR 2.0 (web 2.0 / social media within HR)
  • Use of social media.


So far, we’ve had three very successful chats on:


Tomorrow’s chat (at 1.00pm GMT) takes up back to the Social Business theme, noting that if organisations are to capitalise on Social Media they must first be social entities by habit.  So how do they do this?

For answers, look up the hashtag #cHRchat (Connecting HR chat) at or after 1.00 today.  The chat is going to be hosted by Will Cleare, HR Business Partner at figleaves.com:


Will Cleare  WillCleare Will Cleare

6/6 #cHRchat 24/11 1300h GMT Q4 Who currently drives collaboration in your organisation & why? #hr #cipd#connectinghr

5/6 #cHRchat 24/11 0800h EST Q3. What are the benefits to other areas of HR to HR championing a collaborative approach?#connectinghr #hcm

4/6 #cHRchat 24/11 0800h EST Q2. How can HR generate a true culture of collaboration "within" their organisation? #hr #cipd

3/6 #cHRchat 24/11 1400h CET Q1. What are the best strategies for helping organisations become more social?#in #hr#cipd

2/6 #cHRchat 24/11 1300h GMT If organisations are to capitalise on Social Media they must first be social entities by habit.#in #hr #cipd

1/6 This week's #cHRchat "#In Pursuit of the Social Organisation" 24/11 1400h CET; 1300h GMT; 0800h EST #hr#ConnectingHR #cipd


For more answers, see on this blog (eg my posts on Enterprise 2.0), or over at Social Advantage (or contact me!).


If you want to know more about the Connecting HR community, see over at the website, or request an invite to join our Yammer group.

Or just look out for our Yammer chat every Wednesday (times and possibly days of the week may vary – check on twitter first).



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  1. Wonderful idea! I am looking forward to participating!

  2. Thanks Samara, I look forward to chatting to you there!


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