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HR Collaboration Strategies at Enterprise 2.0 conference


   I’ll be presenting in a couple of sessions at this November’s Enterprise 2.0 conference in Santa Clara on Tuesday 9th November:


Human Resources professionals are at the center of managing the most valuable asset a company possesses - its people - and how to get them to interact and collaborate more effectively. Enterprise 2.0 planning typically straddles the intersection between Line of Business needs, Human Resources and Information Technology.

While Line of Business and IT typically have specific and often urgent needs, the realities and complexities of human resources can have longer term implications. And in today's economy, scale is key whether in terms of growth, downsizing, or merger and acquisition strategies. Keeping the nucleus of a business collaborating while blending other cultures into the mix is a challenge often underestimated by strategists who assume the 'boxes are checked' in software solutions.

The HR Collaboration Strategies track will discuss how to ensure the HR voice and perspective is heard in strategic planning, and that the Enterprise 2.0 technology being contemplated is appropriate for your company size and personnel profiles. We will focus on realizing business value from collaboration tools, and how to strategize around building on existing technology foundations—including payroll, comps, benefits, incentives and training/learning—to transition into a more connected and aware culture and organization. The realities of staff types, ages and workflow needs will be addressed, including how to shape them so they evolve over time to meet your business goals.


Keynote - Human Resources Meets Enterprise 2.0 and the Cloud

Human Capital Management is rapidly evolving and broadening its focus. Today’s mission revolves not only around helping shape culture, and managing compensation and benefits, but on acquiring, developing and retaining key talent, aligning employee performance with business results, and supporting organizational innovation and change. In support of this evolving mandate, companies are leveraging a variety of social and collaboration technologies combined with Cloud architectures that are delivering bottom line results. This panel of senior business and IT executives will examine how they are applying and realizing value from the use of modern technologies to solve specific HCM and related problems.

Moderator - Bill McNee, Founder and CEO, Saugatuck Technology

Keynote Panelist - Oliver Marks, Blogger, Sovos Group, ZDNet

Customer - Ciara Smyth, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

Customer - Tony Treglia, Senior Vice President, HR Service Delivery, Aviva USA


Measuring HR Performance - What to Apply Analytics & Metrics Against

The strategic design and tactical roll out of HR related collaborative Enterprise 2.0 initiatives requires analytic measurement to justify budget and measure success. This session explores case history examples, insights, and the new analytical measurement tools from which performance and quality of data metrics are extracted.

Moderator - Oliver Marks, Blogger, Sovos Group, ZDNet

Panelist - Jon Ingham, Executive Consultant, Social Advantage

Panelist - Raymond Chong, Director of Learning Systems and Services, NetApp


Getting Beyond Compliance: Elevating HR's Enterprise Wide Strategic Role

Many HR staff are frustrated at never being able to get past core responsibilities: hiring and firing, compliance against governance policy and merger and acquisitions fire drills. This session will explore how to imbue modern Enterprise 2.0 thinking into these core competencies, while leveraging the power of collaborative thinking to accelerate business performance strategically.

Moderator - Oliver Marks, Blogger, Sovos Group, ZDNet

Panelist - Josh Bersin, CEO and President, Bersin and Associates

Panelist - Michelle Johnston, Regional Consultant, CPP

Panelist - Jon Ingham, Executive Consultant, Social Advantage


Common 'Real World' HR Problems

This session will focus on the issues keeping HR experts up at night, and the problems that urgently need solving including:

  • Records management and retention, and the impact of employee online social activities on employment law
  • Privacy and information security
  • Policy strategy: Do you embed 'social' policies into existing policies or create standalone governance?
  • Succession management and recruiting synergies
  • Employee use of external social media and internal business networking, monitoring, remediation, support and training

This 'real world' session will explore the realities of legacy technologies and explore the blending of new and old ideas around HR.

Moderator - Oliver Marks, Blogger, Sovos Group, ZDNet

Panelist - Leighanne Levensaler, VP, Human Capital Management Solutions, Workday

Panelist - Lisa Ackerman, Sr. Director of Human Resources, Saba Software

Customer - Beth Rivera, Senior Vice President, People and Culture, UBM TechWeb

Customer - Pete Fields, Manager, Team Member Portal, Wells Fargo Corporation


People, Culture, Behavior

The most valuable assets a company possesses are its people, but politics and divisions between them significantly weaken many companies over time, particularly at scale. Combining E 2.0 tools with other HR based approaches to create social outcomes, helps define and develop a social approach to collaboration and innovation. This session will explore how to take advantage of the value of E 2.0 tools and craft a more cohesive business entity that encourages interaction and awareness.

Speaker - Jon Ingham, Executive Consultant, Social Advantage

Speaker - Margaret Schweer, Vice President, Insight and Advisory, nGenera


There’s an associated white paper too.




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