Friday, 19 November 2010

I’m an HR Consultant, get me out of here!


  I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps after returning from my second trip to California in one month and with no other trips to sunnier climes coming up till next year. 

The rain and fog in Amsterdam over the last couple of days hasn’t really helped – just another case of seasonal affective disorder I guess.

I’m also not a supporter of the Age or Austerity.  What we Brits need right now is a bit of optimism to stimulate more investment.

And I don’t think the prospect of a royal wedding next year is going to make up for the general slash and burn of the economy.  In fact, it’s probably the wedding that’s got me feeling most fed up.

To an extent, my irritation with this about having to fork out for the costs of the Windsor’s security.  But it’s also the expectation of ever greater toadiness from the BBC right through to the wedding, and the prospect of more general Dianamania too.

I also can’t see how the selling of more crappy plates and other chintz (the production of which obviously isn’t going to be done in the UK) is going to stimulate the economy.

So I really don’t understand the delight that some of the queen’s subjects clearly feel.  And I’m not a naturally grumpy or cynical person.  But I don’t like the monarchy.  And I definitely don’t like being a subject of it.  (“long to reign over us”?  Humbug!).

It’s probably time to make a move.  I think I’ve probably posted this before as well.  But if I’m still living in the UK next July (or whenever the wedding is) I’m going to be even grouchier than I am now.

What I’d really like is a long-term consulting project, doing what I’m doing now (ie working with organisations to create new capabilities through their people – whether these are based on individual employees [human capital] – or the connections and relationships between them [ie social capital] – or simply working with them find more innovative and value-creating ways of doing HR), but:

  • longer-term, eg around 18 months – 2 years minimum, which is what my projects really need to be in any case in order to make real change
  • not in the UK!


Any offers?


(Of course, what I also really need to do is to emigrate, but for now, I’ll just make do with joining Republic!)


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  1. Hi John,
    With regards to the Royal Wedding I'd agree with most of your comments. I always find these big events a little strange, its a bit like mass hysteria on a National Level.

    I'd not agree with the comment about it not stimulating the economy, certainly a lot of the stuff 'chintz' will be manufactured abroad, but not all of it, and it will be sold in the UK which will move money around. There are going to be a lot of industries which will be seeing a lot more business because of William and Kate getting hitched.

    I certainly expect the Royal Wedding to stimulate my economy :-)

    Good Luck


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