Wednesday 10 November 2010

HR Collaboration Strategies at E2.0 Conference


  After this Summer’s E2.0 conference in Boston, where I suggested that people were trying to develop something that was basically designed to develop collaboration in a fairly non-collaborative sort of way – eg without much input from the HR profession – I proposed to speak on HR at the follow-up conference in Santa Clara.

I didn’t expect much of a positive response, and certainly didn’t expect to see HR turning into a track of its own at the West coast conference, so full credit to TechWeb for listening and having the imagination to try something new.

I ended up being on two panels and will post on these shortly, and I  also presented on Culture (I’ll put my notes on this up at Social Advantage).

But first, I just wanted to make a hat tip to the opening keynote, and the session on real-world HR problems I didn’t participate on.  Here are some of the tweets from these:

joningham: @billmcnee @olivermarks @ciaramsmyth Tony Treglia HR meets E2.0 and the Cloud #e2conf starting next #cipd10

joningham: @petefields @bethrivera @leighlevensaler Lisa Ackerman @olivermarks on real world HR problems #e2conf-14 #e2conf #cipd10

mikegotta: When HR groups see themselves in a strategic (vs. admin) role - they can be a key champion and sponsor of E2.0 initiatives #e2conf

joningham: Needs to be included RT@MikeGotta E2.0 enables workers to gain reputation score/rank/rating - impact performance reviews? Risk item? #e2conf

joningham: @ciaramsmyth HR professionals need to be capable in explaining how 2.0 supports productivity etc #e2conf #cipd10 #connectinghr #chrchat

joningham: ciaramsmyth HMH piloting E2.0 = "Executive 2.0" - reverse mentoring programme! #e2conf #cipd10

cflanagan: RT @gialyons: #e2conf Houghton-Mifflin is implementing reverse mentoring for their execs this year <-- GREAT #e20 tactic 4 trad'l cultures!

mikegotta: Interesting session some of the "behavioral" discussion calls out the need perhaps for orgs to have people versed in sociology etc #e2conf

cflanagan: Some co's use social tools to promote brand, yet block employee access. Must match action. Move beyond fear. Trust employees #e2conf

mikegotta: "relationship onboarding" - we need to get employees connected more effectively to peers, teams, communities, etc - E2.0 helps #e2conf

TylerCagni: Collaboration platform must answer THE question 'does this help ME do my job better?' HR track #e2conf


All the conference tweets are available here.  Also see David Sparks’ write-up on the keynote.  And Rawn Shah’s summary of this and the track sesions in Forbes.  Or this list of all the blog posts from the conference.

Videos of all the keynotes are available at

The track whitepaper is at


Picture credit: Alex Dunne (Oliver Marks, Eric Lane (Intuit), Ciaram Smyth (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / HMH), Tony Treglia (Aviva), Bill McNee (Saugatuck Technology)


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