Thursday 4 November 2010

How to… Develop an HR 2.0 Strategy

  I’ve got an article on HR 2.0 in the current edition (volume 9 number 6) of Strategic HR Review.
I suggest that HR practitioners wanting to gain benefits from social media need to:

  1. Develop a vision of the future
  2. Take their first steps towards the vision
  3. Provide governance and training
  4. Sponsor HR 2.0 themselves
  5. Monitor and improve.

There are good examples of organisations following this sort of approach in the journal – although it’s a shame that some of them are rather similar to each other eg a US based retailer (presumably Safeway Stores) and a UK / EMEA based retailer, River Island, both introducing social recruiting approaches.
The most interesting article to me are ones on Alfa Laval’s virtual strategy process which describes virtual working and leading as something you need to learn as a new discipline but also notes Ashridge research showing that entirely virtual processes can be extremely effective for team building: “Several participants interviewed afterwards said they that although they originally felt that the face-to-face was needed, they now thought that the process would only work if completely virtual”.
This echoes my own experience – I think we can do a lot more over technology than we often believe we can.
It’s a worry then that a short review of research conducted by Google and the Future Foundation suggests that:
  • Only 12% of employees express satisfaction with the technology available to them at work
  • 44% say the technology they use in their personal lives is better than that available to them in the office.

For more on HR 2.0 strategy, see this previous post.
Or look out for new posts from the HR track at the Enterprise 2.0 conference next week.
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