Thursday 3 February 2011

My day twin tweeting


  One of the most interesting, or at least intensive, days I’ve had over the last few weeks involved a double dose of social media training / briefing.

This was last Thursday, just before coming out to Doha, and started with a full day spent with a group of senior HR folk courtesy of JSB.  As well as learning about HR 2.0, everyone there got on twitter and did some tweeting, though we sort of ran out of time (it is a big agenda) and my idea of them posting their ‘workbook’ reflections on a blog didn’t quite take place.

Then it was onto CIPD West London and same thing again (see picture).  However this time we got a lot further – at least on the interactive piece – see this second blog, again including all the tweets.  The progress was thanks almost totally to an absolutely fantastic blog squad that turned up for the event – including, as well as host Rick @FlipChartFT:

  • @BillBoorman
  • @MervynDinnen
  • Gareth Jones @garelaos
  • @KevinJBall
  • @SarahFMatthews
  • Wasim Benharch @WasimB1
  • Paul Massey @Mentorwell
  • Peter Hros @HRbeginner


Wow! – what a team!  Thanks to you all.


More tweeters for the #HRevent tweet-up next year!



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